PEORIA, AZ – Inventor Charles Elliott Gyder announces his patent pending invention known as the Hook & Eyelet Drill Bit Set.

Inventor Gyder developed this clever innovation, which is a specialized drill bit design for use with a conventional power drill bit in order to install and remove hook-and-eyelets and similar hooks. The drill bit design has a standard hex-shaped end that fits into the chuck of the drill, or electric screwdriver, while the distal end resembles a common socket except with a deep slot cut across the face in a bisecting manner. The slot is provided with scored faces, and alternatively with a rubber insert, to securely hold the hook. To use, simply install the bit into a drill, insert the eyehook into the bit slot, and then, operate the drill in a conventional manner to install or remove a hook. The device is available in multiple sizes to fit multiple hooks. The use of the Hook and Eyelet Drill Bit Set provides the ability to install and use eye hooks in a manner that is quick, easy, and efficient.

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Patent Number D594,305

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