Hidalgo Bancorp Donates $3.6 Million to Not-for-Profit Organization in Hopes to Aid Reconstruction and Carbon Emissions Reduction in Haiti

Panama City, PANAMA, September 20, 2010 – Hidalgo Bancorp f/k/a Hidalgo Corporation has pledged to make a donation of $3.6 million (USD) to not-for-profit organization in anticipation to help rebuilding a new Haiti and fight the war against global warming.

The clean development mechanism plans have already been approved by Haiti government and will commence before end of 2010. The monies from Hidalgo will be used to create jobs and building temporary housing for victims of Haiti’s recent natural disaster earlier this year.

Cary Lee Peterson, President of Hidalgo Bancorp says, “Many of us will see the news and think that just because Haiti is no longer the spotlight of media that all the problems cause by the earthquake have been resolved. These assumptions are far from the reality that lies in Haiti at the present time. Hidalgo supports the objectives of the new Haiti project and will stand by the organizations and government working towards this goal”.

The cleantech program consists of grant programs to small businesses operating in Haiti that offset carbon emissions through renewable and alternative energy solutions. Hidalgo Bancorp encourages other corporate donors, independent investors, and financial institutions to become more active in nations with developing economies.

For more information about Hidalgo Bancorp please contact PR@hidalgobancorp.com

Contact: Amanda Conley, Public Relations
Hidalgo Corporation
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Phone: (888)901-2221

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