Health & Safety at Bernard’s Bins

Complying with health and safety rules can seem tedious at times. But with thousands of accidents still being recorded every year, you can’t afford to flout them. Often, falls and slips can be a result of poor storage standards. With a little bit of attention and the right storage solutions, they can be easily prevented. Having the right warehouse shelving is essential. Sturdy, reliable shelves will be able to hold the weight of your items, whatever your business. One of the main reasons people fall is that there are obstacles on the floor. A good start in preventing this is to make sure everything can be safely stored on shelves instead. Cutting corners is something to avoid if you want to ensure the safety of your staff. If there is enough space for everything to be stored on shelves people won’t get into the habit of dumping things on the floor.

Another thing which is vital is to remember is to keep the floor clean and dry. Many of these issues can be best resolved with adequate staff training. This is essential not only for operating machinery such as fork lift trucks but also for the maintenance of keeping things such as warehouse shelving and the floor area well-maintained and tidy. Until they receive the proper training, staff may see regular checks as a nuisance or an inconvenience. Yet it’s these regular checks that make sure the standards are maintained which will keep them safe. Even if things are stored tidily on quality warehouse shelving, they also need to be labelled clearly as do all areas such as fire exits. Good, clear signage cannot be neglected, such as these.

Fire safety is important not only for the safety of staff but to make sure you don’t lose profits in a fire which could easily have been prevented. Have fire extinguishers and fire blankets in strategic positions and make sure your staff are aware of procedures and know how to use them. When you have chemicals, gases or oils stored this becomes even more crucial. A small fire can spread rapidly in this environment, especially if staff do not know how to put it in check quickly. Fires in warehouses can even spread to neighbouring buildings and residential homes if you are not careful. Here is a top of the range ladder for optimum safety in the warehouse.

Cutting corners on the materials and machinery you use should be avoided if it compromises safety. When choosing warehouse shelving, make sure the shelves you choose can support the weight they need to. One way to ensure quality is to look for the Metalpoint by Esmena stamp of authenticity. “Our classic warehouse shelving is popular thanks to its sheer strength and guaranteed quality,” says Spokesman of Bernard’s Bins, Bernard Jones. “Not only is it one of the best, if not the best available on the market today, but it is easy and quick to put together.” With a bit of planning, it is possible to make your working environment both safer for the staff working in it and more efficient.


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