Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry by Sitara Collections

UNITED STATES (March 2011) – Sitara Collections announces a wide variety of handmade sterling silver jewelry. The collections available are unique and offer customers a lot of variety. This variety and uniqueness help create a special look for a woman that cannot be duplicated.


Handmade sterling silver jewelry is very precious and sought after by many women. These pieces are in high demand for many reasons. First, sterling silver jewelry is very strong and withstands the test of time. Not only does it withstand the test of time, but it is also timeless. Therefore, sterling silver jewelry is worn on many occasions over a number of years.


Jewelry pieces that are handmade are much more intricate and special especially in silver sterling pieces. The reason is that although two pieces may be similar because they are handmade no two pieces are identical. This makes it so a woman’s jewelry is more like a piece of art.


Handmade sterling silver jewelry offered by Sitara Collections has very distinct characteristics. Sitara Collections jewelry pieces are crafted and developed with hints from India’s culture. India’s jewelry, and other items, are specifically sought after for their exquisite beauty. These jewelry pieces are unlike other handmade sterling silver pieces throughout the world.


Handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces are all different, yet have some commonalities. The majority of earrings created and crafted are chandelier or beaded designs. The chandelier earrings have three stands of gems or stones hanging down. Beaded earrings are strands of beads which also hang, but hang much closer together.


Other handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces are necklaces. These are popular items as they can be worn individually or with a pendant. Pendant necklaces are very common as one can also purchase handmade sterling silver pendants. Many pendants are so intricate and detailed they attract a great deal of attention.


A great deal of time and skill goes into creating handmade silver jewelry. The designers at Sitara Collections work had to ensure all jewelry pieces are of the highest quality. This is of utmost importance to Sitara Collections as they pride themselves on producing high quality handmade sterling silver pieces.


Handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces are in high demand as they are timeless pieces. These pieces can be worn with nearly every ensemble which makes them very versatile. Sitara Collections announces a wide selection of handmade sterling silver jewelry with traces of India’s culture.



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About sitara

Sitara Collections, inspired by the exotic and unique visions of the local artisans in India, seeks to bring only the finest examples of these handcrafted, elegant pieces for your discerning review. Aptly named sitara, the Indian translation of ‘star’, Sitara Collection represents the arduous endeavors of the Singh family to make these ethereal pieces available to the rest of the world.