Greystripe for Rich Media Mobile Advertising

Greystripe is the most popular mobile advertising network in the US. Greystripe provides engagement in the most sophisticated targets to marketers. It gives maximum revenue for application developer and publishers both.  Greystripe’s proprietary advertising platform serves billions of rich media impressions. Greystripe allow application to show full screen and banners format advertisements.

Greystripe SDK used to enabling advertisements to be reached at mobile devices especially for iPhone and Android.
It’s easy to integrate ad using Greystripe by following three steps Registration, Integration and Go live.

1. Registration
•    You need to add or create application for which you are going to show ads on mobile application.
•    In your developer account select Apps & Sites to register new application.
•    After registering successfully you will get application id, which will be used in SDK.
•    Register any devices or simulators that you want to use for testing Greystripe ads.
•    Devices registered as test devices will receive a comprehensive set of test ads to ensure your app works with the full range of ad types offered by Greystripe, including Rich Media ads.

(Registration Link:
2. Integration
•    Download SDK for iPhone/Android from developer account.

3. Go Live
Once you’ve tested your application and published it, your app will be reviewed and approved by our publisher content review team so it will receive paid ads and you’ll make money from it.
In order to receive the money you make from those ads you'll need to complete the forms on the Account Information tab within your developer account to let us know where to send the checks (we like PayPal too).

SPEC India has strong experience with integrating Greystripe API with many of the iPhone, iPad applications. We have expert technical team who have complete detail knowledge of using Greystripe API best so application owner can earn from it.

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