Grako Launches its Own E-commerce Online Shopping Portal from Daily Deal Website

Ahmedabad, India; August 15 2011: GRAKO.IN is an online shopping website situated in Ahmedabad, widely well known for its Branded and Quality products. They bring such products as ‘Daily Deal’ on their website at 12 pm regularly which remain live for next 24 hours. After launching, Cash On Delivery and its consistent workout with Customer Satisfaction, there demand in their customers increased, and as always they respected their “GRAHAKO” (Customers) from where they have derived there name Grako and hence they are expanding their business and transferred themselves from ‘Daily Deal’ website to an E- Commerce Web portal. On the Launch, Founders of Grako, seemed to be very happy announcing GRAKO.IN to be an E – Commerce Portal and says that……( ABOUT FUTURE STARTEGY and Work style)

Products at GRAKO.IN will be very innovative and useful in day to day life. Grako not only bring products at web portal, but also to make it easily available at the most affordable price to Grako customer and provide them a happy shopping experience.

GRAKO.IN will contain now more than 3000 products ranging to diverse daily necessary products to unique ones. There are categories like Sports, Fitness, Fashion and their Accessories, etc. One thing is for sure that a customer will get a “One Stop Solution” to purchase all kind of products. Unique products, Cheapest rate and Sufficient time to confirm the needful, so, that one can make a smart, meaningful and right buying decision is the base of concept of GRAKO.

And the best part is Daily Deal be featured regularly in the same way. GRAKO.IN was proud to announce that it has never failed in single delivery and there is no return of product in COD. With so many Fundo Branded Products in the kitty, they can expect to be more successful. So what is to think for..? Enjoy the superior experience of shopping at Grako and Steal the Best Deal of the Nation.

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