Going Green Wins Award for Local Eco Snack Entrepreneurs

Gourmet Gift of the Day Award Goes to Whale Tails Tortilla Chips., April 09, 2009 7:32 AM

Congratulations! We are pleased to announce that Whale Tails Tortilla Chips has won the “Gourmet Award April 2009″ and was featured on Gourmet Gift of the Day.

A team of reviewers and foodies scour the web to find delectable gourmet products. The Foodie Team spends a lot of time tasting products and not all of them meet their stringent standards! This award winning organic good for you snack was discovered by Luke, a friend of Gourmet Gifts, who recently visited relatives in San Diego, California. While he was there he attended a Super Bowl party that was filled with different snacks then what would have been served at a party here in the Midwest. The snack that Luke remembered most fondly is the Whale Tails chips used for dipping. He told Gourmet Gifts the chips had a unique shape, a great taste, and were the right size and thickness for dipping! Knowing that we are constantly surfing for tasty online gourmet foods, he asked for my help in locating these snacks. Luke couldn’t remember the exact name but luckily there is only one chip shaped like a whale’s tail so the website was pretty easy to find. After reading about the chips and the company, we had to try some for ourselves. We ordered a case and when they arrived my we sat down with a bag of chips and a bowl of fresh guacamole. The chips were amazing – crunchy, thick (able to withstand a mega-dip), and had a unique salty taste. We enjoyed them with the dip, but also preferred to eat them plain and savor the natural sea salt taste. Whale Tails Chips are coated in Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt with a touch of lime, and are made with all natural and certified organic ingredients. Neuroscience research shows that smell and taste may be the best bets for social marketing. Every time folks taste a whale tail chip they’ll be reminded about ocean protection!

The company’s website is very interesting. The founders of the company are all lifelong friends who were on a surfing adventure when nothing less than divine inspiration hit them! For the past 20 years, these San Diegans have been working on their dream of making a delicious snack food and using the profits to help in efforts to preserve the whale population.

More Info about the award go to: www.gourmet-gifts-gift-baskets.com
More Info on Whale Tails Tortilla Chips go to: www.whaletailschips.com

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