Fur-Ever Friend – Pendants To Pay Tribute To Pets

Pets play an important role to families around the world and for the pet is often vital and integral part of the family. The loss of a family pet not only impacts the adults but children as well and finding ways for the every member of the family to grieve is important. Small pendants that hold cremated ashes called pet cremation jewelry is one such unique way that pet owners of any age can hold onto a small part of their pet. CEO of Jewelry Keepsakes, Casey Doran, tracked consumer questions over six months regarding the use of pet tributes for jewelry urns and found that many consumers prefer the use of animal fur or hair over cremated ashes.

Pet memorial jewelry offers consumers the option of filling a small jewelry pendant with a remembrance of their choosing. The remembrance can consist of cremated ashes, ground from where the pet was buried, pet fur or whatever the owner chooses to utilize. The jewelry can then be sealed to keep the remembrance secured inside the pendant and free from water, dust or debris. “I was surprised to find that so many consumers prefer to use their pet’s fur over the cremated ash,” says Doran. “Many pet owners choose to bury their pets in a pet cemetery or in their yard and I think this is a brilliant way of having a personal part of a pet with you all the time.” The interior of the pendants is very small, notes Doran, and cutting the hair into very small sections is a necessity in order to insert into the selected keepsake.

Finding comfort after suffering the loss of a pet is challenging and there are a number of online resources that specialize in those dealing with pet loss. Choosing a memorial in remembrance of a pet such as pet cremation jewelry may bring consumers comfort and the consumer dictates the remembrance for the interior of the pendant, making for a personal and touching tribute.

Jewelry Keepsakes was founded in 2006 and contains articles and resources centered around helping consumers that have experienced loss. The company provides consumers with cremation related products in memorandum of family, friends and pets.


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