Free short story to save the world environment and economy

If you wanted to lift the world out of the current recession and raise public awareness and money for new environmental initiatives, how about giving away a short story to the whole world? That’s the plan from British innovator Michael Bond to reach the world with the message – the environmental and economic problems we face today can be solved, so let’s do it together.

To encourage people to spread the word around the world he’s packaged his proposals with the story “Dragon’s Vale” which you can obtain free of charge from

“Dragon’s Vale” is a short story inspired by JRR Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” with a new interpretation of that story and the world of Middle Earth by asking the question: what if it was set in the far future when, in keeping with British SF writer Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law, technology has become sufficiently advanced to be indistinguishable from magic, and men have forgotten their origins? The story explores the background to such a world and the events following the aftermath of the “Ring” trilogy.

His message on the environment includes two initiatives, Free-Wheels, to address the problems of urban traffic congestion and air pollution in British cities, and the £100 million Air Diamond Challenge, a dramatic new Prize for research and development to reduce excess atmospheric carbon dioxide in the greenhouse effect – by turning it into diamond.

He says: “The two biggest issues facing the environment are spreading the word in an entertaining and memorable way , then mobilising that interest into constructive practical action.”

He hopes that a fund-raising effort alongside the release of the story will produce enough support from donations, sponsors and investors attracted by his ideas to launch them on the world without waiting for government policy decisions or handouts.

Michael’s approach to the environmental issues is also intended to produce sustainable economic benefits and help lift the world out of the current recession by direct action.

On this he says: “Many people recognise the economic and social benefits of treating the environment better, but if you have to deal with the world-wide scale of the problem and its urgency you have to take a commercial approach. That’s why I’ve spent the last few years to find the right business models to solve these key problems.”

Free-Wheels is his immediate answer to urban traffic congestion, which could be implemented tomorrow, to encourage more people to switch from cars to motorbikes and scooters for personal transport, by making them fashionable and far cheaper, with the long term prospect of reducing the cost of purchase by upto 50% over conventional methods.

For the £100 million Air Diamond Challenge he is proposing a new science and technology prize to stimulate long term research and development into useful ways of extracting carbon from air and converting it into its purest form – diamond, for practical cost-effective applications.

Michael’s background includes nearly a decade in financial management which has given him the insight to practical aspects of implementing his initiatives as low financial risk and maximising the social benefits they offer.

Anyone interested in learning more can receive a copy of his proposals, and the short story, from

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