Entensys presents advanced security-solutions on IT-SA 2010

For the first time Entensys Germany is presenting itself and their latest product-lineup at the it-security trade fair IT-SA from 19-10-2010 to 21-10-2010 in Nürnberg. New technologies and software-products will be presented, to show how simple and yet effective network-management can be. From private surfing during working hours, unwanted intruders, inboxes full of spam and an overloaded internet-connection network administrators have to deal with several problems. Entensys Germany delivers the solutions to these problems.

Entensys Germany welcomes all interested visitors to hall 12, stand 418a. Companies can take a closer look at new, innovative technologies, which provide a more secure, faster, more effective and very user-friendly network administration. Experts will show suitable solutions for every requirements specification, explain them in detail and will give advice on every presented product. This includes the extensive and powerful network-management software UserGate, which provides optimal protection through its wide arrange of services and ensures employee productivity.
Further solution-oriented products

The portfolio of Entensys Germany includes other interesting products in this sector. UserGate Mail Server is a solution for companies for central and secure e-mail processing with integrated and domain- and account-administration. Likewise, Entensys Germany presents GateWall DNS Filter, a solution for ultimate control over internet-access in a network, without the need of additional hard- or software. Newest cloud-based technology provides effective URL-blocking and safe internet-access. For spam-protection, GateWall Antispam is a suitable product. The newly developed gateway e-mail appliance with integrated spam-filter and antivirus-protection takes care of secure and spam-free e-mail handling.

For the end user, Entensys Germany has a suitable product, too. KinderGate Parental Control has a simple user-interface and powerful Entensys-technologies at its disposal, to provide secure internet-access for children at home. Just like that, computers can be guaranteed child-safe. In this way, Entensys Germany can guarantee that kids receive exactly the right and appropriate content when they surf the web.
About Entensys

Entensys is the solution provider in the field of network-, internet- and e-mail-security with offices in Leipzig, Moscow and Novosibirsk. The company develops and markets products that meet the highest demands through newest technologies; offer the best possible security as well as being user friendly. Entensys products increase the efficiency of networks and their users with this approach. The portfolio of Entensys includes suitable software-solutions for future- and safety-oriented companies, governments, administrations and for the educational sector.

About entensys