Earn money from online trivia games

If you find yourself at a loose end and fancy making yourself a little money online then why not try testing your knowledge at triviala.com.

Taking part in any of the trivia competitions on the site earns you points which can be used to enter the cash prize draws which take place every week of the year. Weekly prize funds stand at £600 with monthly funds reaching the £2000 mark. Fantastic winning potential is gained from as little as one question per day and all of this at no cost to yourself.

With thousands of different questions being posted every week you can quickly amass enough points to enter these great online draws. The more questions you can answer correctly, the more points you will earn allowing you to make multiple entries to increase your chances in the regular online draws. The prize funds are rising every week and as more people are joining every day, the totals will continue to increase.

Different Game Formats
If you fancy a quick game to get yourself entered into the great prize draws then there are a few game formats that you should be aware of.

Triviala – The Triviala format gives you the opportunity to answer 5 different questions each day helping you to build your points totals and give you a helping hand into the weekly draws of 40 cash prizes of £15 and one huge £2000 draw at the end of each month.

Question of the Day – If you’re short of time then you may prefer to enter the question of the day. Get it right and you’ll be in the picture for the daily £20 draw. Question of the day doesn’t even require full registration to play!

Jackpot Draw – Answer just a single Jackpot question each day to earn points and be in with a chance to win the £2000 jackpot draw held every single month. What could be simpler?

Quick Fire – Quick Fire is available to all members and will proceed to launch 30 questions at you in quick succession every day. The top players in this category will be rewarded with bulk point prizes to spend as you would like.

The games above don’t require any specific skills to win. You will find that questions are plucked from general knowledge categories putting all players in the mix for the big prizes. Just remember that the more points you can collect, the more opportunities you give yourself to win big at triviala.com.

New quizzes are added by our members every day so you will always find something to challenge you at triviala.com. Current quiz categories include sports, celebrities, movies, music, history, geography and many, many more.

These great game formats are creating winners every day of the week so what are you waiting for, simply fill in the quick registration on the site and get the ball rolling.

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