DRTV Advertisers Locking Up Yellow Page Advertising Sold on a Pay-Per-Call Basis

Madison, WI – September 01, 2010 — Last Second Media Inc announced it is offering display ad placement for DRTV advertisers within Yellow Pages advertising on a pay-per-call or per inquiry basis.  For direct response advertisers seeking critical dominance in their field, Last Second Media Inc (LSM) now integrates both the physical and internet-based local search mediums into one national program called Performance Yellow Pages.

Pay-per-call yellow page advertising guarantees there is no cost for the yellowpages advertising unless calls are received by the client.

According to a study by Knowledge Networks/SRI, in 2007, print Yellow Pages were referenced 13.4 billion times, while Internet Yellow Pages references increased to 3.8 billion, up from 2006’s 3.3 billion online searches.

This performance-based advertising from Last Second Media cuts the risk of advertising in Yellow Pages as an alternative for branded advertisers. Those marketers experiencing a drop off in sales volume as the economy cools and DVR usage increases, can now lock-in physical delivery of their ads to over 300 million homes throughout 2011.

“Our Performance Yellow Pages Program initiates awareness and interest for clients with a direct call-to-action,” says Last Second Media President Frank Pournelle.  “Yellow Pages connects the dots at the time of research –just before purchase.  Think about it, following local searches, consumers most often contact a business over the telephone (39%) or contact the business online (12%). Directory search can drive as much as 50% or more of a final purchase decision using this medium.”

With the declining effectiveness and profitability of intangible advertising such as radio, TV and even cost-per-click internet marketing, this performance based yellow pages program revives a dying print industry while giving a hedge against price increases.  That’s because the Performance Yellow Pages program is sold a year out to qualifying advertisers with the cost-per-call fixed for the life of the contract.

Small, growing and billion dollar companies all now pay the same cost for the part of Yellow Pages advertising that generates calls.  This provides a multi-million dollar print campaign to 300 million homes with almost no money upfront.

Not all advertisers are welcome.  Those in the fields of debt settlement, loan modification, or IRS tax relief are still asked to pay cash for their ads.   Rather, growth is being seen using Yellow Pages advertising on a pay-per-call basis for specialized national attorney law firms, Social Security Disability Advocates, traditional and reverse mortgage concerns; even hotel reservation desks and payday loan referral companies.  “Anyone who can turn a call into cash is welcome to a free consultation on the Performance Yellow Pages program,” says Last Second Media President, Frank Pournelle.  “National Law Firms and B2B lead generation businesses are especially keen for this new program”

“The importance of Yellow Pages advertising is commonly overlooked as ‘old school’, but it’s one of the most effective methods to get your business name out there at the time of a business decision“ says Mr. Pournelle.

Frank Pournelle, President, www.LastSecondMedia.tv 1-800-334-4500

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