Research commissioned by the UK’s leading mobile phone comparison website has found that parents are now more likely to give phone credit as a reward for their children than pocket money.

A new poll commissioned by of 2,276 parents with children aged 8-16 has found that the majority, 67%, are more likely to give their kids phone credit than pocket money, as more find it acceptable for their youngsters to have handsets.

Of the parents with children aged 8-10, 36% said their youngster had a mobile phone, highlighting the fact that that the younger generation are becoming more teach-savvy.

The main reasons for parents wanting their children to have a mobile phone seems to be safety, with 81% saying they wanted to make sure they were able to contact them at all times.

When asked, ‘do you give your child pocket money?’ just over two fifths, 42%, said they did, but over two thirds, 67%, said they buy their child phone credit more often than they give them cash. Of these parents, 11% said they prefer to reward their child with phone credit because they had concerns over what they would use the equivalent in cash to buy.

Of the parents that took part in the research commissioned by, 17% said their child had a contract phone that they paid for each month.

54% of the parents said their children asked them for phone credit on a regular basis and 23% said most of the money they gave to their child went on top up vouchers anyway, so they would rather give them phone credit in the first place.

Neil McHugh, co-founder of, commented on the findings;

“We were quite surprised by the number of parents with children aged 8-10 who said their youngster had a mobile, but this is a direct reflection of the fact that more and more young people are becoming educated about the technology around them.

“I think it’s quite easy for parents to end up paying for contracts for their kids, especially in the case of 16 year olds, who are at an age where they are actively using their handset, but are too young to have a mobile phone contract. Pocket money is obviously now seen as something that isn’t as valuable as phone credit.”


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