Cheap international roaming and WIFI service launched

New York. Embargoed Wednesday 8th June 2011 – Launch of Tep dramatically reduces European roaming costs for summer holidaymakers.

Tep ( – a smartphone and pocket WiFi rental service that saves consumers up to 90 percent on their mobile phone roaming charges and WiFi usage has been launched launched today across 16 countries in Europe, in time for US travelers to Europe to cut the costs of their holiday.

Powered by the most reliable and fastest 3G networks with instant access to Facebook, Twitter and Skype, the service has been launched to provide a simple, straightforward and cheap alternative to expensive roaming and data download charges from mobile operators that can cost the same as a flight.

Charging local prices, the devices are rented via TEP’s website and can be delivered direct to the customers home or hotel, or picked up at the airport. Customers return the rented phone by post, using a prepaid envelope, and all personal data is erased from the device

Mobile phone operators can charge US travelers to Europe $19 (£11.70) per MB roaming charges, making them a tidy 1800 percent profit on each MB, which costs them only $1 (61p). Mobile phones companies now make $31 billion (£19 billion) annual profit from roaming charges or between 15 and 20 per cent of their revenue.

“At long last there is an alternative to expensive mobile phone roaming charges and the hassle of finding WiFi internet connections abroad,” said Tep founder Tomas Mendoza. “No longer will travelers to Europe be held hostage by mobile phone operators making excessive profits out of the simple need of travelers to use their phones and stay connected.

“Travelers to Europe want to use their smart phones to find restaurants and information about places to visit. Many simply want to keep in touch and share their experiences with friends and family at home via Facebook or other social media, but are being charged more than the cost of their flight to do so,” said TEP Managing Director Tom Mendoza.

“Renting a TEP smartphone or pocket WIFI will be become as commonplace as booking a hire car or a flight. It’s simple, convenient and can save hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

“TEP is taking on the mobile phone industry by offering Wi-Fi connectivity at local prices. Travellers can save up to 90 per cent on hotel internet charges alone by using the mobile WIFI and they can stay connected to their laptop, smartphone or tablet. It’s personal and it fits in your pocket,” Mendoza said.

“With the number of broadband enabled mobile phone hitting the one billion mark this year, and with 70 percent of all consumer devices connected to the internet by 2014, TEP is providing a service that will allow consumers to get the most out of these devices, rather than being scared off from using them by extortionate roaming and WIFI charges,” Mendoza said.

“A typical traveler to Europe can save on average $1820 (£1126) based on using 10MB a day over ten days if they opt for our Mobile Wi-Fi device. With TEP you have unlimited Internet access anywhere for only $7.95 day!” he said.

Notes to editors:

TEP Smartphone can now be used in 16 European Countries: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The TEP pocket WIFI service can be rented with two options: 1) A multi-European service that works across all of the countries, but which has a spending cap of 50/MB per day. 2) Access to unlimited internet in individual countries in Spain, UK, Italy, France and Germany.

TEP Partners include:

• British Airways: currently offering the Executive club members a unique discount. • Visit Britain: selling the product via their online shop • SIXT rent a car – • The Agency Group – offer the service to all bands they bring to Europe

For more details you can visit here or call here our US line +1 800 280 3812 or UK line +44 (0) 808 204 0342

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