What’s The Big Fracking Deal?

fracking deal

What’s the Big Fracking Deal? What is Fracking? The official name for fracking is hydraulic fracturing. It is the action of taking the natural gas out of shale rock layers that are found deep within the earth and storing it for later use. This is relatively new technology and allows workers to obtain the natural gases from shale rocks that ... Read More »

5 New Thermostats That Will Help You Save Energy And Money

thermostat savings

One of the biggest misconceptions about energy efficiency within homes, particularly when it comes to cooling or heating homes, is that an energy efficient source will suffice. Just as important as an energy efficient source is the means by which dispersing the energy usage throughout your home is created, calculated, and implemented. For example, if you are using solar power ... Read More »

Supporter of N. Korean Regime Naguib Sawiris Not Welcome in MIT

Regime Naguib Sawiris

Sawiris, a telecom tycoon, had invested hundreds of millions of dollars in North Korea, which was compared to Nazi Germany by the UN this week An open letter authored and released by the student body faculty at MIT states “We, the conscientious students of MIT, wish to express our protest against the Egyptian Students Association (ESA) upcoming event ‘Doing Business ... Read More »

Yahoo Hacked Once Again – What Should You Do?

yahoo hacked

Yahoo officials said that in the past few days many passwords had to be reset because a major problem occurred- “Yahoo Mail” was hacked. According to people from the well-known giant, unauthorized access was discovered and many usernames and passwords were used in order to access the accounts and make sure there was no permanent harm. It is not known ... Read More »

Snowden nominated for Nobel

snowden nominated

 Although it may come as a shock to some people, Edward Snowden has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. There has been much upheaval in the past few years; apart from the usual fight against global terrorism and solving local skirmishes around the globe, counter-intelligence and espionage have come to surface as the pillars of the world of today. ... Read More »

Iraq gets U.S. choppers

iraq usa choppers

President Obama’s administration announced that plans have been made to sell the combat helicopters “Apache” to Iraq, after assuring congressmen of their proper use. The overall idea behind making this decision is to secure the national security of USA and Iraq and provide additional back-up to their foreign policies, since the sale in question will undoubtedly serve the general interest ... Read More »