Castlewellan Primary School, assessing pupil fluency and comprehension levels with Fluency Tutor

Castlewellan Primary School in County Down, are proud to offer pupils a wide range of resources to support learning; especially their state of the art ICT resources which allows for interactive learning.  With this in mind they recently purchased Fluency Tutor, Texthelp’s online software solution designed to assess and improve pupils’ reading and comprehension levels.

Niall McLean, Headmaster at Castlewellan Primary explains “The school has been using Fluency Tutor for just under a year mainly within the Year 6/7 composite class.  I have also been making excellent progress with a 7 year old reluctant reader who I tutor using Fluency Tutor.

The reason for the purchase of Fluency Tutor was to enable teachers to monitor actual reading performance in terms of fluency, comprehension, accuracy and expression.  Fluency Tutor ticks all these boxes.

The fact that Fluency Tutor is an online software solution was crucial in the decision to purchase as ICT can have the ‘WOW’ factor where children are concerned.  PCs and laptops are quickly replacing pencil and paper.  If an e-school is to effectively teach the pupils within it, then that school must be able to distinguish programmes/software that raise the academic bar, be relevant to the learner and have a high motivational factor.  Fluency Tutor qualifies in regards to these criteria.

There are a number of Fluency Tutor features that I feel are of particular note.  Firstly, the child-friendly interface is appealing to young readers.  It is colourful and visually aesthetic and it ‘draws’ the reader into the screen.  Secondly, the recording feature means that children can complete the assessments at home, since the programme is web based and teachers can listen to and assess the testing whenever they wish.  Thirdly, in all assessment, it is vital that the children receive constructive, accurate feedback.  Fluency Tutor provides understandable charts and allows for teachers’ comments within the children’s own login area.

In future we plan to feed the programme into Year 4/5 and 2/3 classes as well as our Moderate Learning Difficulties unit and perhaps get parents on board with Fluency Tutor too.”

Fluency Tutor is an online software solution from Texthelp Systems, designed to assess and improve pupils’ reading and comprehension levels.  The solution encourages pupils as young as five years old to master reading and develop their fluency and comprehension levels while reading.  The solution is easy-to-use and can be accessed both at School and in the home.

For further information on Fluency Tutor, please contact Elaine on Tel: 028 9442 8105.

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