BusinessVibes showcases the Computer Hardware Industry

London, UK – April 19, 2011 — BusinessVibes, the international business-to-business networking platform, announces this week the launch of a new industry portal for the rapidly growing Computer Hardware industry. This category covers the manufacturing and assembly of all computer components, computer peripherals, and computer accessories, such as processors, disk drives, memory, fans, and other equipment.

BusinessVibes uses a social networking model for business partnerships, so that members can browse curated business directories and join to create their own profiles and form connections with clients, suppliers, distributors, joint venture partners, and more.

This new directory:

- covers 256 leading companies and 47 events
- hand-selected and verified by the BusinessVibes research team
- covers 24 countries and 27 product subcategories
- includes companies from the entire value chain

Computer hardware includes all the physical equipment which comprises a computer. The many steps involved in manufacturing computers result in a very distributed value chain, where parts of various technological complexities are manufactured, assembled, and distributed all over the world.  Most of the manufacturing takes place in the United States, Korea, and China, and the end products are sold worldwide.

BusinessVibes provides a platform for international buyers and sellers of these products to connect to each other and form partnerships. New companies wishing to join the directory are verified and categorized by the BusinessVibes content team to ensure listings are trustworthy and useful to our members.

Check out this new industry portal at:

Industries already covered on BusinessVibes include Textiles, Food Processing, Plastic Products, Farm Supplies, Industrial Equipment, Industrial Chemicals, Electronics and Electricals, Renewable Energy, and more.

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