Book Of Happiness Art Satirises British PM’s Big Ideas To Raise Money For Charity

British writer Michael Bond has produced a new book of satirical comic illustrations inspired by British Prime Minister David Cameron’s Big Idea of the year – a Happiness Index. Michael hopes the success of the Book will raise several million pounds for good causes and help launch a unique, revolutionary programme of economic revival for the UK economy.

The book, The Little Book Of Happiness, is a blackly comic guide to what happiness means in Britain in the middle of a painful economy austerity programme, when millions are suffering in the recession, thousands face loosing their homes in government changes to housing policy, and mass protests are being held outside Parliament. It has been produced with the help British comic artists in wall-poster sized form that people can hang on a wall and enjoy with every new Big Idea and policy U-Turn from the government.

Michael aims to raise several million pounds from sales of the Book of Happiness for good causes, some locally and some nation-wide, with upto 25% of all sales income to be donated according to customer choices. He has selected a number of good causes close to his own heart, such as a local hospice, charities for ex-servicemen and others, but he hopes the British public will join in and nominate suitable good causes through the web site to help local activities and campaigns.

Apart from raising money for good causes Michael hopes the Book of Happiness will help raise awareness and public support for a revolutionary new unique initiative to revive the British economy and restore the country’s prosperity – the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan. This focuses on reviving the UK high technology manufacturing sector with new products and large-scale investment projects to solve many of the underlying problems facing the country today.

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Inspiration for the Book of Happiness (BoH)
Leading up to his election as Prime Minister one of David Cameron’s Big Ideas was that Happiness could be measured and used as a branch of government policy. To this end the government has, from April 2011 (subject to U-turns), begun to attempt to measure what is happiness in Britain and create a Happiness Index.
This was the inspiration for the BoH. What is an index supposed to mean and what would it look like for the British people, in the middle of an austere economic recession with a government bent on a slash-and-burn programme comparable to an enthusiastic Amazon rain forest timber gang?
The result is a book of black-comedy satirical poster illustrations from British artists suggesting an index on a scale of one to ten, from Agony to Ecstasy, inspired by major issues and themes of government policy.

Good Causes for the Community
Upto a quarter of the proceeds from the BoH will go to various good causes in the UK according to selection by the public when they buy the book. These good causes cover key issues such as care for former servicemen and women, health issues and the future of the UK technology economy.
The public are invited to use the BoH to raise money for their own local good causes and nominate causes for wider national appeal on the BoH web site.
The public can only select to buy and donate to a good cause through the BoH web site, otherwise funds will go into a collective pool for other activities.
NOTE: Bond does not act on behalf of or speak for any charities. This initiative is independent of any charity and those chosen were specifically of interest to the author.

Paths Of Wisdom – new board game for all the family
Within the BoH writer Michael Bond has invented a new board game for children – Snakes & Ladders: Paths Of Wisdom.. Based on the ancient children’s game of Snakes & Ladders this new version is a more sophisticated game to teach children the values of different choices in life, and the importance of taking the right path in life.
The original Snakes & Ladders was invented in India many centuries ago, before being translated by the British at the time of the Empire and exported all over the world. That game aims to teach children about moral values and the opportunities and dangers they face in life.
“Paths of Wisdom” teaches children the idea that they can take control of their lives for the better and make choices over what path to take in life.
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Michael Bond
Apart from the BoH, Michael has written a short story “Dragon’s Vale” inspired by JRR Tolkien’s “Lord Of The Rings”. This is available free off his personal web site at
He’s also designed a new range of portable home storage furniture for people to store and move their valuable entertainment collections of books, old and new music and more.
If the BoH is successful Michael will begin work on two advanced technology projects, one for a new car design inspired by the “Batmobile” in the Warner Brothers “Batman Begins” film, and one for a new lightweight high performance sports aircraft. Both of these technologies will be given away free to sponsors of the prosperity plan.


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