Bamboo sunglasses, the fastest growing eco style statement of 2010.

Bamboo is the planets fastest growing wood resource and can grow up to 60cm in one day, to celebrate this UnitDot Eyewear which bases all its sunglasses and optical lenses around a bamboo foundation is launching in the UK on May 6th 2010.

UnitDot bamboo sunglasses the brain child of Hong Kong based designer Cyrus Wong are to be released by the UK based licensee Mr. Colin Ball from Chelmsford in Essex. The bamboo sunglasses, which are the only complete bamboo range in the United Kingdom, will go on sale in Excentree Eco Fashion Collection Store as of 9am Thursday May 6th.

When asked “Why should people buy UnitDot Sunglasses over any other brand?” Colin Ball responded,

For years the bigger and well known brands have dominated the sunglasses market but they still choose to only deal with regular high street fashions and not address the important global issues that we face everyday. By choosing Unitdot over other brands customers still receive the ultimate in up to the minute fashion styling, while also showing awareness of eco fashion and the issues that surround the problems with our planet. Buying one pair of bamboo glasses is the first step toward small lifestyle changes, at a very small cost.

There will be three styles available within the range; a classic aviator, a perspex aviator and a tortoise shell affect wayfarer design. This will be the basis of the initial launch with more to follow over the coming months. The bamboo sunglasses which have a RRP of £120 will initially be sold in the eco fashion collaborative store Excentree for a special introductory price of £80. Along with being able to plant a tree for each pair bought, £2 will also be donated to the UNICEF Children’s appeal worldwide.

James McAloon owner of Excentree talking about the release said, “Unitdot bamboo sunglasses appear well crafted, durable and stylish. It is difficult to offer something completely new to a sector in which almost every variation of styling has been tried previously, but bamboo is something completely new and breeds new life into a stagnate, stalling market sector. Although the sunglasses are not completely bamboo in formation, they certainly are different and unique in ever increasing circulation of mediocrity.”

With only weeks until the beginning of June and the arrival of some much needed sunshine to banish the memories of one of the longest, coldest winters in many a year, the bamboo shoots of Unitdot could spell for some sustainable summer sunshine.

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