Auto Attendant – Transfer Calls around the Office

An auto attendant system allows the incoming calls to be transferred to the users’ phone extensions around the office.

Purpose of an Auto Attendant System

Normally, business people find it difficult to manage the numerous incoming calls to their offices. Due to fear of losing a business deal, they are forced to remain in the offices itself, without being able to travel freely. To tactfully manage such situations, they equip their offices with auto attendant systems. Installing this system is advantageous to startup and small businesses, in that they can assume the image of a well established enterprise.

Benefit from Advanced Features

Mail forwarding, call screening, voicemail forwarding, group dialing and many more activities are programmed in this system for the convenience of the users.  With the ‘find me, follow me’ call forwarding service, all the calls coming to the offices will be efficiently transferred to the users’ given numbers. Hence, even when you are in some distant location, you can communicate with the customers freely as if you were in the office.

For individuals, ‘do not disturb’ modes can be programmed. Music on hold, one to four digit extension numbers, dial-by-name, and dial-by-number are integral parts of this system. The auto attendant system can play a professional greeting when attending the calls. The callers can speak to a live operator or direct executive within moments after making calls. The incoming calls can be integrated to home phones or cell phones.

Cutting Down All Standard Telecom Expenses

Unlike standard phone systems, auto attendant systems are free of extra sophisticated hardware. Use of expensive phone equipment is not needed in this system. Hence, the users can save the extra amount they would otherwise have to spend for its maintenance. As auto attendant systems are available at economical rates, the service is highly appealing to small and medium sized businesses. To enable customers to call free of cost, some business firms even equip their offices with toll free numbers.

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