Apriso’s Enterprise Approach to Quality Management Reduces Manufacturers’ Total Cost of Quality

LONG BEACH, CA – October 20, 2009) – Apriso®, a leading provider of adaptive software solutions for global Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), today announced expanded focus on supporting global manufacturers in discrete and batch process industries to address their top five market pressures driving a push for higher quality at a lower cost. According to the latest research published by AberdeenGroup, Best-in-Class manufacturers use solutions – like those provided by Apriso – to take an enterprise approach by standardizing Quality processes across their manufacturing operations, to achieve and maintain high customer satisfaction for a lower total cost of quality.

Uncertain demand, growing use of global contract manufacturers, shorter product lifecycles and ever increasing process and supply chain complexity are making it difficult – if not impossible – to meet rising customer expectations while reducing the total cost of quality for manufacturers. Research conducted by AberdeenGroup indicates the top 5 market pressures driving a focus on quality are:

1. Ensure consumer satisfaction
2. Reduce the ‘cost of quality’
3. Adhere with government regulatory requirements
4. Improve New Product Introduction performance
5. Manage risk due to adverse events

Apriso’s FlexNet® solution directly addresses these pressures by enabling quality processes to be built into the design-manufacture-distribute production cycle. By utilizing FlexNet as an integral component of production and quality operations, a manufacturer’s profitability, customer satisfaction and cash flow can be improved upon by removing variability, building products right the first time and containing any nonconforming materials should an adverse quality event occur.

One manufacturer that has already achieved results based on Apriso’s enterprise approach to quality is L’Oréal. According to Mark Halper, in an editorial published in Managing Automation, L’Oréal sought “a single, integrated system that would allow it to track its production and run its design and supply chain initiatives in a consistent manner around the world.” Embedding quality as a consistent process across their manufacturing production is part of L’Oréal’s “Isis” initiative, which stands for Integrated Solution for Industrial Systems. Already the project has resulted in cost reductions and improvements in manufacturing quality, agility and traceability. See the full article here: http://3.ly/c1w.

Apriso offers a common technology platform for global manufacturers to seamlessly integrate quality with PLM, ERP and other enterprise and shop floor applications, letting manufacturers more easily and cost effectively take a closed-loop, enterprise approach to quality management. By synchronizing the execution of quality processes with warehouse, maintenance and production operations, Apriso offers a collaborative approach to quality management that spans the entire production lifecycle, helping to reduce the risk of releasing poor quality products to the market.

“Apriso offers an enterprise MOM solution with interlocking tracking and traceability across manufacturing operations activities, with real-time containment capabilities, should a quality issue arise, minimizing disruptions and the potential for eroding customer satisfaction,” said John Fishell, director of product management at Apriso.

About Apriso
Apriso Corporation is a software company dedicated to providing competitive advantage for its customers. It does so by enabling organizations to adapt quickly and easily to market changes and unexpected events. Apriso’s FlexNet platform provides visibility, adaptability and real-time control of manufacturing operations across the enterprise and supply chain network. This is accomplished by integrating planning, execution and control, increasing operational efficiency and eliminating errors in the production process. Apriso serves more than 175 customers in 41 countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Its customers include General Motors, Lear, Honeywell, L’Oréal, Trixell, Lockheed Martin, Becton Dickinson, Saint-Gobain, Novelis and Essilor, among others. For more information, please go to www.apriso.com.

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