Apple Unveils New Smart Phone with High End Features and Facilities

Stanmore, UK ( your-story ) March 10, 2011 – Apple iPhone’s are high end gadgets and they have become popular in the last decade. Apple iPhone5 is the latest version of the Apple products with different facilities and applications. It has a whopping 3.7 inch LCD display with high resolution. It is completely touch enabled and does not have the home button as present in the previous version. Touch screen enables users to navigate with 4 or 5 fingers at the same time which enables to perform multi task operations much easier than ever before. Touch screen is shatter and scratch resistant. It is compact and sleek with glossy finish screen. It come with an attractive aluminum case and does not have an exterior antenna.

It has an inbuilt NFC chip that uses the latest NFC technology, it is one of the advancement in mobile technology and this handset will soon replace the credit card system. Apple iPhone 5 runs on different types of networks including Vodafone, AT & T, Orange, etc. Mobile phone on best deals and offers are available at online store, you can save more money while you buy mobile phone on deals.

Apple iPhone 5 runs on a dual core processor, it runs at a high speed and different tasks and applications can run at the same time without any interruption.  It comes with face recognition security feature that makes others unable to use the mobile phone or steal any data’s. Your Apple iPhone 5 locks get open only by showing your face. It is available in 2 variants which include 32 GB storage and 64 GB storage capacity. It runs on Mac OS and has PhotoBooth application; users can use video calling facility between 2 Apple iPhones to speak with loved ones.

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