American Muslim Mom Hosts Virtual Fundraiser to Build Historic Islamic Center and Mosque

The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro TN has been the target of violent attacks. It is featured in CNN documentary “Unwelcome.The Muslims Next Door.” American Muslim Mom is responding to the horrible acts against Muslims there by raising funds to build a historic new mosque.

Meriden, CT. April 07, 2011 — When the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro TN began building a brand new mosque they faced great opposition. Convinced that this project is a historic place of worship for all Muslims in America (not simply for Murfreesboro residents), Ponn Sabra of is hosting a nationwide virtual fundraiser to help raise necessary construction funds.

The story of the masjid (mosque) is featured in CNN’s popular new documentary, “Unwelcome. The Muslims Next Door.” CNN reported the struggle the Islamic Center of Murfressboro TN faced as victims of anger, threats, vandalism, an arson attack, and a lawsuit. The ground-breaking show ended optimistically as the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro TN entered into Phase Two of their project–raising funds and breaking land to build the foundation for the new masjid.

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Ponn Sabra, founder and owner of American Muslim Mom [ ] attended a screening of the documentary. She has actively promoted its cause. Sabra shares, “I used social media to help draw attention to CNN’s new documentary about Muslims in America. Now, I feel compelled to utilize social media to help build the Islamic Center and masjid (mosque) highlighted in the film. This masjid is a dream for Muslims everywhere. I am committed to making this dream come true for all of us.”

Sabra attended CNN’s private invitation-only screening of Unwelcome. The Muslims Next Door. CNN encouraged attendees to help publicize this ground-breaking documentary through social media. In response, American Muslim Mom ( ) hosted a week-long social media campaign that included multiple review posts, and participation in Twitter chats and on Facebook. Guest bloggers shared their opinions on the film.

Social media proved to be a successful marketing tool–Unwelcome. The Muslims Next Door was CNN’s highest-rated documentary in two-years.

American Muslim Mom announced their virtual fundraiser as the final post to the blog series entitled Help Build the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro – Featured in CNN’s “Unwelcome. The Muslims Next Door,” ( ) where followers can make their donation.

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