Adriatic challenges exhibits exclusive of brand new yachts

Croatia, March 2010 – Its pleasure to watch the new brand of yachts at the Adriatic challenge. Jure Rudic says, “Want to take part in the boat show exlusively for this summer? Grab the offers availble at the Adriatic chaallenge“. The international boat show will be held during 10-18 April 2010. The special one are the Bavaria boats wit great technical specification and which gives a joyful pleasure boat ride. Who can take part in the boat show? People who are very enthusiastic towards and would like to enjoy the thrill of boat ride. They can admire the beauty of the boats especially the Bavaria cruiser 32.

You can log into the to check out for the new and exclusive offers available at the boat show this summer. All the new prices are updated on the website frequently and check out for the latest offer. Always it is important for the people to look out of the latest offers; there are special offers for the classis cruiser series. The cruisers are well designed especially for customers comfort level. There are lots of discounts available to be availed like early discount booking which are available till the specified offer date mentioned on the website.

Jure Rudic said, “I admire people who are so passionate about the Bavaria yacht models. Simply the design impresses and attracts everyone” Special offers are available for all the brand new Bavaria yachts models available at the Adriatic challenge. Different additional and promotional packages are offered to encourage people enjoy the boat show like people can grab two additional packages and free transportation to sailing Croatia for all the new Bavaria models available. Many wonder if one can become the proud owner of any cruiser, surprisingly one can buy Bavaria match 42 for only 49.900 Euro. Bavaria boats are simply amazing with its unique style and design. There are different models of yacht charter Croatia available to enjoy boat ride in it.

Undoubtedly 12th Croatia boat show is one of the largest well organised and most attractive events gearing up to happen at Croatia. This is going to be an excellent scenic view to see a large number of boats and yatchts that’s going to dock at a single place which would be a visual treat for our eyes and spend you’re sailing holidays in Croatia. 12th Croatia boat show-welcomes each and everyone to come and enjoy the amazingly impressive boat show.


Adriatic-challenge offers services in sailing events at Croatia having a wide range of boats including Bavaria, yacht charter and many more.

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