Press Release Distribution Service

Your Story was established in September 2008 in order to provide a moderated online press release distribution service.


Your Story is owned and operated by 24 Hour Trading Ltd, which operates from the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Visit 24HourTrading.co.uk for company information, or view the footer on any page of this website.

Global Availability

Press releases may be submitted to Your Story by any user from anywhere around the world. PR Professionals, Governments, Corporate Communicators, small and medium enterprises, or embedded in-house PR staff may send XPress Releases through Your Story.

Human Moderated, Human Edited

Your Story is moderated and edited by Your Story staff in order to ensure that each press release submitted complies with the press release rules, which focus on making sure every release published is genuinely newsworthy, as opposed to simply advertising a product or service.

Spam Free

Your Story spends a large amount of time developing rules and strategies to prevent spam press release submissions: this is the primary reason for the press release rules currently in effect.

Widely Used

Your Story distributse press releases online, which are accessed by Your Story web visitors, journalists and bloggers via organic search, news aggregators, RSS readers, social media channels and email subscription(s). Click here to view subscription options.

Highly Visible

Your Story press releases are included in Google News, and Moreover’s contextual news links.

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