877MyJuicer.com Implements Green Shipping Policies

877MyJuicer.com goes green by announcing that there will be green shipping whenever it is possible.

The earth friendly shipping solutions that the company will be using from now on will include using recycled or reused shipping and packing materials whenever possible. Other companies may get a box, break it down and that is the end of it, but here at 877MyJuicer.com, that box will get a new label and will be ready to be used for shipping immediately. Not only does that cut down on waste products that harm the planet, it keeps shipping costs down for the company as well. Packing items like foam peanuts can be reused indefinitely because they never lose their ability to protect your new appliance during transit.

The change in shipping policies comes in time for the New Year as people want to start anew by becoming health-conscious and thus are on the lookout for appliances that help them in their endeavor. Appliances such as juicers, dehydrators, rice cookers, yogurt makers are what many people opt for in the New Year. Starting a new diet or better eating plan can be far simpler if you include juices and smoothies – all made better by choosing the right appliance.

“We are doing whatever we can to make sure our shipping and packing policies are as earth positive as possible,” says company CEO, Andrew Casey. “The beginning of a new year is a big time for small appliances like juicers and yogurt makers, especially for those people who are big on making New Year’s resolutions like eating better or getting more fruits and vegetables in their diet. This can be the perfect way to get that done and the perfect gift idea for that person who just seems to have it all. And, when you order from 877MyJuicer.com, you can be confident that you are backing a company that is doing whatever it can for the planet.”

In addition to recycling boxes and other packing material, 877MyJuicer will be looking at other ways to do its share to save the planet. Keeping the planet healthy is just as important as keeping the customers happy.

About our Company: 877MYJUICER.COM is a reputable and well-known internet and catalog retailer with focus on catering to three main themes; Mind, Body and Spirit. We are consistently expanding our offering to only offer quality and relevant products within each category.


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