10 Reasons to upgrade to Sage 200

The growth of businesses through means such as employee numbers and product ranges has put pressure on their existing software packages. Sage 200, the natural progression from Sage 50, 100 and MMS software provides businesses with the ability to achieve greater effectiveness by interconnecting data and processes across departments. We explore below 10 potential reasons to upgrade to Sage 200.

1 – Business growth

Many companies software is being placed under strain from expansion and business growth. Sage 200 allows greater effectiveness by interconnecting data across departments such as the fusion of accounts and Sage CRM data. Furthermore, with a capacity for up to 50 users Sage 200 allows data and similar user activity to be greatly enhanced, further improving efficiency.

2 – The increased need for individual system customisation

The increased ability of Sage 200 to customise systems recognises that every individual business needs are different; as your business needs change so can your individual Sage 200 customisation. Financial and commercials forms have in depth customisation options which allow default field values, field level security and individual user permissions among many more options are available to the Sage 200 user.

3 – Enhanced currency functionality

Sage 200 allows for far more functionality and handling of foreign currency compared to previous versions. For example the ability to specify exchange rate for given date ranges allowing customers the option to pay in more than one currency, negating the need for separate bank accounts.

4 – Enhanced efficiency and convenience of sales order processing

Sage 200 delivers total control for the sales order process with margin and discount analysis and processing of foreign currency being just two of many key benefits. With the Sage 200 purchase order processing module repeat order processing is greatly more efficient with just a few keystrokes needed for re ordering via the rapid entry mode along with the ability to drill down on sales orders to view linked purchase orders.

5 – Greater control over accounting periods

Accounts can be opened, closed and re-opened with Sage 200 allowing up to 20 definable periods previously unavailable with Sage 50 which featured 12 set opening periods. Greater accuracy with reporting and enhanced flexibility is just two noteworthy benefits.

6 – Enhanced stock control

Sage 200 provides users with greatly advanced stock control; businesses with more than one location can operate independently with regards to sales, stock taking, replenishment and reporting. The ability to record batches by serial number or allocation will improve efficiency and stock traceability as does the ability to assign “sell by” and “use by” dates for perishable and traceable items.

7 – The ability to easily manage prices and discounts across your consumer base

Your price bands may vary according to target markets, standard price bands or discounts. Sage 200 can support these types, allowing easy management of your customer base through a price matrix within the Sage 200 Commercials module.

8 – Enhanced performance through unlimited transaction numbers

Opposed to archiving data and causing the system to potentially lose performance Sage 200 has an unlimited number of transactions that can be held which enables potentially key report data to be saved as well as greatly improved performance.

9 – Sage 200 bill of materials module

The Sage 200 bill of materials module allows a business with engineering or assembly operations to control virtually all aspects from the initial quote and discussion to the final invoice. Key advantages of this module include precise costing, easy management of multiple bills of materials and flexible build options through the ability to produce picking lists for items separately or at the time of allocation.

10 – Deeper and more flexible reporting of business performance and trend analysis

The business intelligence module from Sage 200 offers more in depth and flexible analysis of business intelligence and market trends giving management the competitive edge, allowing for faster more informed and confident business decisions with analytics and reporting from Microsoft® Excel.

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