“Back to Basics,” directs Motivational Speaker!

In his new book “Basics before Buzz – managing in Challenging times,” Internationally acclaimed Motivational Speaker Kevin Kelly claims that entrepreneurs should focus on the basic building blocks of their business if they want to transcend the current challenges in the marketplace.

The book, a follow on to his Best Selling Title “How? When you don’t know how” focuses on showing Business owners how to improve their bottom line
From three perspectives:

1. How to keep their customers and exceptionalise their service?
“Entrepreneurs need to exceptionalise their service and convert their customers into friends,” asserts Kelly. “Remember customers leave, friends don’t,” he claims.

2. How to get the best from their employees regardless of whether they have one or ten? This segment includes idea generation strategies critical to a firm’ survival.

3. How to tap into their innate potential – the key to unlocking the organisations future.

“Resilence, focus, creativity are the trademarks of entrepreneurs who walk the path of their potential,” claims Kelly.

Kelly’s usual cocktail of stories, studies and exercises are backed up with the latest research based on 30,000 employees from the Great Place to Work Institute Ireland.

Over the past two decades, Kevin Kelly has been recruited as a motivational keynote speaker for events in the Far and Middle East, Europe and The US. Next year he is keynoting at the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table where he will address over 5000 delegates in Korea. This event will be followed by trips to Hong Kong, China and the Middle East.

For more information www.kevinkellyunlimited.com

Kevin Kelly is an Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker and authority on entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, creativity and personal excellence. For more information www.kevinkellyunlimited.com


Kevin Kelly
city – Galway
village – Furbo
Country – Ireland
Email: kevin@kevinkellyunlimited.com
Phone: +353-91-867969


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